Odisha State Branch of Orthotic & Prosthetics Association of India (OPAI) was approved by OPAI Executive Council meeting on 03.11.2019 held at Bhubaneswar and it has been unanimously decided by the Executive Council to give permission to start OPAI Odisha State Branch. It was started on 10.11.2019.
The Life members of Orthotic & Prosthetics Association of India(OPAI) can be a member of ODISHA Branch. Except Life member of OPAI National body nobody is eligible to become a member of ODISHA Branch. OPAI-ODISHA Branch can utilize the Orthotics & Prosthetics Association of India (OPAI) Title and Logo only in the correspondence letter heads, Visiting card of the office bearers, Seminars, Circular , Bank accounts and all other association matters.

Office Bearers of OPAI Odisha Branch for the term 2020-2024:
Office Bearers and EC Members-2020

This is a professional Association working for the upliftment of P & O profession in India.