What is OPAI

The National Professional body of Prosthetics &  Orthotics was established in the year 1979 under the Indian Societies Registration Act and was named as Orthotics & Prosthetics Society of India (OPSI). Later the title was restructured as Orthotics & Prosthetics Association of India (OPAI) for the administrative conveniences functioning with avowed objectives of:

  • Increasing the number of avenues of P&O Services.
  • To Promote the Status of the P&O Profession & its Professionals.
  • Enhanced team approach to cater the needs of persons with disabilities.


“Towards ensuring fullest independency and inclusion of persons with disabilities; Promoting fullest participation by creating equal opportunities with functional mobility by every means and empowering the quality of the life of persons with disabilities with appropriate technological interventions”.


To promote accessible environment and fullest independency by:

  • Modifying the existing practices promoting individual needs.
  • Introducing appropriate and affordable technology through evidence based practices.
  • Facilitating the P&O professionals and members with abreast of latest advancement.
  • Promoting sustainable and need based services through collaborative team efforts.
  • Standardization of syllabus and Aids & Appliances at global standard.
  • Advocating and fostering co-operation and exchange of ideas at every level for the prosperity of P&O Profession and its professionals.

Value Statement

Empowering the quality of life of persons with disabilities through innovative P&O Service with collaborative team efforts duly eliminating barriers and discomforts and ensuring fullest independent living.

OPAI-being the only apex body of P&O Professionals of India have organized XIX National Conferences and maximum number of CRE Programmes to facilitate the members with abreast of the latest advancement.

The choice of every passed out P&O Professional is OPAI and thus functioning with strength of maximum number of P&O Professionals of India.

The Office bearers of OPAI are being elected by the members to serve as representatives. The body thus constituted would be the appropriate and reliable to take up any joint venture, research and collaborative services at National as well as International level.

For mutual exchange of views, every promoting aspects of P&O, planning and implementation of Joint ventures and every allied works of P&O.,

This is a professional Association working for the upliftment of P & O profession in India.